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We've used virtually every kind of window there is over the years. Many brands are good, and of course if a client has a preference we are glad to work with whatever you prefer. However, if there is no preference I proudly recommend Minnkota windows. Since 1981 we have primarily used MINNKOTA WINDOWS for both new home and replacement window applications. These are quality windows made by a reputable and reliable company in Fargo ND. 

Minnkota Windows are made to withstand the adverse weather conditions in our area. These windows are made from a low maintenance heavy pvc plastic, come in a wide variety of color choices, sizes, shapes and styles, and are very energy efficient. They do not rot, dent, warp, chip or peel. What sets them apart to my mind, is that the seal gaskets stay flexible, -which is extremely uncommon, -and in our climate this is a huge deal both in terms of retaining energy efficiency over time, as well as making any future maintenance easier for me and more cost-effective for you! 
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