Marty Solmon Construction
We build homes of all types, and also specialize in a home construction type known as a timber frame hybrid.

A timber frame hybrid is a structure that combines a traditional timber frame style home with a more conventional & efficient "stick- built" style home.  It is the best of both worlds. 

What makes a Timber Frame Hybrid special? We all want some architectural drama in our home, -one way to achieve that is to build a hybrid home. 

This is achieved by adding the timeless beauty of timber elements to the more affordable conventional stick built framing. We then add timber frame accents throughout the home to tie it all together. 

The decision to build a hybrid home is usually based on aesthetics and / or cost consideration. Timber frame is added to areas of your home such as a greatroom, dining room entry or sunroon to create an open dramatic cathedral ceiling. The rest of the home is built with conventional roof trusses and walls, saving money and still achieving that dramatic look.
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Timberframe Hybrids